Best Life Ever Exploration

Find a quiet place and time when you won’t be disturbed.  Do something to help disconnect from busyness and enter into a more creative state.  Listen to some music, go for a walk in nature or meditate.  Have something with you to write on.

Woman meditating high on a mountain

Then let yourself imagine an ideal future.  Create an inspiring, heart aligned picture, in your minds eye, of your best life ever.  If you can't visualize so well, just sense or feel your best life ever. Begin by asking, how do I want my life to be in the future, perhaps in five years’ time? If I could wave a magic wand and have what I want – what would it be?

Start writing.

Consider and write about: your home and environment, your work and engagements, what a typical week might involve, people in your life, your outlook on life, hobbies and pastimes, images, patterns and themes.

It is most important for your best life ever exploration to write about it in the present tense, in the here and now, as though it already exists.

For example:  I live on an island resort – an eminent think tank school of enlightenment based on creative principles.  Leading minds from around the world come to contribute, learn and play.   My children are grown up, well-resourced and thriving in the world……………………. 

This is a fantasy and imagination exercise so don’t limit yourself to what you know you can make happen or what you currently have the resources to make happen.  Let yourself go and write about your best life ever as if there are no limits.

Man in a waterfall

         GO WILD

If you find this hard to do, just start very simply.  For example:  I am happy.  I have a new career which is satisfying and rewarding.  I live in a small cottage with a garden.  I live with others and we get on well. 

A useful trick, if you are finding this hard, is to consider what in your current life makes you unhappy and write the opposite of that into your best life ever.  For example if you are in a loveless relationship you could write I am in a loving relationship and we take time every morning to connect.  Sometimes we give each other breakfast in bed, other times we tell each other all the things we appreciate in them or we engage in conscious connected love making. 

If this is still feeling too hard and you can't find a way to get started, you might like to link to a warm up activity:  Things I Love To Do.  This can help get you in the zone and then you can return to the  Best Life Ever Exploration when your imaginal cells are firing.  This is just like anything else, which can seem hard at first, but with a little practice it becomes easier.

Abstract artwork featuring hearts

Creation responds more easily to genuine heart felt desire and feelings, than it does to conditioned ideas and prescriptive details of what you think you are meant to want.  Only write down the red sports car and the big house if these truly are heartfelt desires.  Broad brush strokes are okay, leaving plenty of room for the details to be worked out and revealed along the way.  Getting too detailed and prescriptive in the beginning only limits the possibilities and holds the reigns of your Best Life creation too tightly. 

Be sure to include the qualities of the life you want as well as material things. 

Start writing and let your imagination go…………………..

Now embody your best life ever - make it yours

Once you have written about your best life ever, let yourself dream into it.  Read over what you have written and imagine it as already happening.  Feel what it is like to be in this life, see it in your mind’s eye and imagine the sounds, tastes and smells of your imagined best life already being present in the here and now.

 Read it aloud to yourself or share with a family member or friend. Writing is a first step in manifesting.  Speaking is a second step.  In the beginning was the word.

Drawing of a tree

Finally create something to represent the vision of your best life ever – create a work of art, do a painting, or drawing, a collage, maybe a combination of images and words and put it up somewhere, where you see it everyday.  

Maybe movement works better for you, so make it into a dance and dance it everyday.

Make a song out of it and sing it everyday.

Now head over to:  Things You Love To Do  or Gratitude Journal  or 5 transformational life hacks to make life better as a perfect compliment to continue the ball rolling towards your Best Life Ever.

Read about the Power of Imagination as understood by Einstein or The Science of Getting Rich as understood by Wallace D Wattles.

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