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Albert Einstein Quotes on The Power of Imagination

“Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions.”

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

Two famous Albert Einstein quotes. The man was a genius so what did Einstein know about imagination that we can learn from?

He was not alone in understanding the power of imagination.  William Arthur Ward 20th century writer wrote, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”  

And Goethe from the18th century “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

They are telling us very clearly how imagination is a tool we can use to bring about our Best Life?

Rumi, the 12th century poet says, “Everyone has been made for some particular kind of work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”  This tells us not to imagine any old thing but to learn what is in your heart and imagine that. 

To Understand, What Albert Einstein Quotes, Requires A Mind Shift

words describing a mindshift from rational to creative

When things are based in physical reality we can understand them with our linear and rational mind. When they are more in the metaphysical or esoteric realms, like imagination, we find it harder to understand and can easily dismiss as insubstantial. This is not the case as shown in the second Albert Einstein Quote “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” The only way to find out if what Einstein and these other wise men tell us is true, is to follow their advice and see what happens.  So I did.

I read books on the creative process, laws of manifestation, the laws of attraction and the laws of abundance in an attempt to understand how imagining, as Albert Einstein quotes, can act as a catalyst of creating what you want.  The literature told me I didn’t need to know how things were going to happen, I just had to imagine the result I wanted.

The Science of Getting Rich

Image of an electrified heart with the words money flow quest

I needed money.  I came across “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallis D Wattles written in 1909.  I thought it might hold some clues.  Getting past the old fashioned and religious language I scrutinized the principles he was advocating and found them to be in keeping with everything else I was reading. Time to get into action and see what happens.

I transcribed from Wattles book the 9 steps that he said, if you adhered to absolutely, you would get rich.  Here are the 1st 3 steps:

1.     “There is an intelligent, creative substance from which everything is formed, that in its original state exists in all the spaces between all things.  This formless substance has an unlimited capacity to create.” (Very metaphysical!!!!)

2.     “A thought impressed into this substance produces the thing that is imaged by this thought.” (Gosh!!!!! scepticism aside, I’m going to give it a go.)

3.     “By having a thought, which in itself is the act of impressing into the formless substance, you can cause the thing you think about to be created.” (Wild I know but will it work????? I can never think of thin air as nothing ever again.)

As I said, I needed money so I thought about money, flow and abundance. My having these thoughts was impressing them into the invisible creative substance that was all around. Or so I hoped.  I thought about these things as often as I could throughout every day. I imagined my life to be wealthy and abundant.

To my total amazement within one month of beginning this practice my Father, out of the blue, gifted me a share portfolio that I did not know he had.  I had not told my Father what I was doing. Nor was my Father a wealthy man or in the habit of gifting me money.  I considered this a sign that in fact this approach was working. One isolated event was too early to tell. I continued and event followed event and my fortune, slowly but surely continued to improve.

Where is the Proof?

Can I prove this was not just a random coincidence? No I can’t but as the events began to stack up I started to trust, that what I was doing with my imagination was having an effect. I have many stories that could be seen as proof, so let me tell one more:

When I moved into a modern 3 level home with views of nature, (something I had used my imagination, amongst other things to achieve,) I decided I wanted a new art work to hang in the lounge.  Having just made the house purchase I didn’t have the free cash to buy new art.  I imagined the shape. I wanted it to be wider than it was high.  I imagined earthy brown and green tones.  I wanted it to have an indigenous earthy kind of theme.

I would look around for it whenever I was visiting galleries or places where art was for sale.  Two years went by and I never saw a piece like I was imagining.  Then I went to a fund raising evening and there in the raffle was an art piece that reflected the exact colour, shape and theme.  I took 1 ten dollar ticket and won the piece called This Broken Earth by Michael O'Donnell and valued at $3800. It even came via an avenue I could afford. It was so much of a match to what I had been imagining that I could hardly call it a coincidence.

Tile and paint artpiece called Broken Earth

Is Imagination Enough?

Often people say, “I have been visualizing what I want but it just doesn’t seem to happen.”  It’s true, although imagination is powerful it is not always enough on its own.  Here is what I would add to the formula:

1.     Firstly try to acknowledge any negative beliefs or sabotage patterns  that are tucked away in your subconscious. Become aware of them so they are not determining your results at an unconscious level. See them for what they are, just thoughts and feelings arising from your past life experience and not what is going to determine your life in the future. You don’t have to fix or eradicate these thoughts and feelings, just be aware that they exist. Be honest about them being there, rather than denying them for fear they will sabotage your efforts.  When acknowledged they lose their power to sabotage because you can see them for the illusion they are.

Isn't it said about F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real? So do as the saying goes, "feel the fear and do it anyway."

2.     Secondly there needs to be an avenue or a structure in order for the object of your imagination to come to you.  In my first example it was my Father’s share portfolio and the structure of my family that enabled some wealth to flow into my life.  In the second it was the fundraising event and the raffle. Things can’t arrive out of thin air.  You impress the thoughts into thin air but the delivery requires structure. Examples of structures that money can arrive through are a business, a job, investments, inheritance, lottery, marriage, prizes, scholarships, participation in game shows etc

3.     Thirdly you need to take action.  Imagining is important but it will remain escapist daydreaming without action.  The action in the instance of the share portfolio was studying and applying the principles of getting rich as set out by Wattles.  The action in the art piece scenario was going to the fundraiser and taking a ticket in the raffle.  What is great about action is you do not need to figure out a right action, or even a big action, any action will bring a result and get things moving. Every action will reveal the next action.

Invitation to Action

graphic outlining 3 steps to get started with your Best Life

So there you have it. Get into action using the power of imagination in creating your Best Life.

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