Gratitude Journal

The simplest and most powerful way to move towards your Best Life is to develop a daily habit of writing a gratitude journal.

Even if you feel like you are already in your Best Life, you can keep it that way with the gratitude habit.

It is one thing to think about the people and things you are grateful for but writing them down adds power to this activity.  When you express gratitude, life will bring you more of what you are grateful for. 

Write each day about what you are grateful for. Make it a habit.

You will start to feel better, you will focus more on positive things and you will feel less anxious. People will like you more and seek your company. You will feel more confident and balanced in your life.

How to begin your gratitude journal?

Decide what time of day you will do this.  First thing when you wake up or last thing at night are good times.

Keep it simple.  When things are simple you are more likely to keep them up.  Use some paper pages, get a notebook, use the notes section in your device, install a gratitude app.  Write on the back of the shopping docket. Whatever works for you.

A simple and free gratitude app that I like is the Presently app.

If you want, make more of a ritual of this for yourself and buy a special gratitude journal or get creative and cover your own notebook.

When it is time, sit quietly with your materials for writing and let your mind relax.  Take some deep breaths and let them out slowly.  As you do this ask yourself, "what am I grateful for?" If it is morning reflect on the previous day.  If it is night time reflect on the day just gone. Start writing.

If you find this hard don't worry.  See if you can write at least 3 things.

If it is easy stop at 20 so there is always a boundary around the time it takes each day.

If you are a long way off your Best Life it can be hard to think of things you are grateful for.  It is like learning any new skill. It may feel clumsy and even a little forced to begin, but persevere and soon it will be easier. 

Do you need ideas?  100 ideas to be grateful for.

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That's it.  Developing this simple little habit will alter your chemistry and attract your Best Life.

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