The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

image of Wallace D Wattles and his book The Science of Getting Rich

When I first read The Science of Getting Rich, I recognized the principles Wattles was advocating as being similar and/or the same as many other books and teachers, writing and speaking on the topic of manifestation and wealth creation from a metaphysical perspective.

What I liked about Wattles approach was that he outlined 9 very specific steps and stated very clearly that if you followed these steps, absolutely, you would get rich.

What I found difficult was the old fashioned and religious language that made his book hard to read and even harder to understand. I was committed to wade through regardless but I appreciated most people wouldn't make the effort.

Given the many hidden gems and the value of such a structured outline to a metaphysical subject, I decided to distill and condense the 9 steps, outlined by Wallace, so they were easier to understand and follow.

Nine condensed steps from The Science of Getting Rich

1.     There is an intelligent, creative substance from which everything is formed, that in its original state exists in all the spaces between all things.  This formless substance has an unlimited capacity to create.

2.     A thought into this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

3.     By having a thought, which is the act of impressing into the formless substance, you can cause the thing you think about to be created.

4.     In order to do this you must pass from the competitive to the creative mind, otherwise you cannot be in harmony with this formless intelligence, which is creative in its nature and never competitive.

5.     A deep and continuous sense of gratitude for all that you receive in life is essential to come into a full and united harmony with this formless substance.

6.     You must then form a clear and definite mental image of the things you wish to have, to do or become and you must hold that mental image in your thoughts while being deeply grateful, and all your desires will be granted to you.  If you wish to get rich you must spend all your leisure hours contemplating this vision.  It cannot be stressed enough the need for frequent imaging, unwavering faith that you will receive your image and devout gratitude for all you receive in life.

7.     The creative energy works through the established channels of natural growth and of the industrial and social order.  What you want will come through the ways of established trade and commerce.

8.     In order to receive your creation you must engage in activity that more than fills your present place in life.  Engage in actions that have integrity for where you are presently and for how you want to become.  You must do every day all that can be done.

9.     Everyone who practices these instructions will get rich and the riches you receive will be in direct proportion to your strength of vision, commitment to purpose, steadfastness of faith and depth of gratitude.

Wattles quote on inexhaustable supply

The original book, The Science of Getting Rich, as written by Wattles is freely available in Internet Archives to read, download or listen as an audio. 

Wallace has written about getting rich.  However the principles he suggests can be used to bring, any aspect of your Best Life into being. Decide is it riches, love, friendship, happy families, vocational success, world travel or a peaceful life that you want to focus on.  Yes you can focus on it all if that is what you want. As Wallace says, "the formless substance has an unlimited ability to create."

Group of people raising their glasses in a toast

Celebrate now, whatever thoughts you are impressing into the formless creative substance. This shows you have faith it will arrive.

Another key element Wallace speaks of is Gratitude, for all you have in life and for all you expect to receive.  Check out the Best Life Gratitude Journal.

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