Things You Love To Do

Write down 10 things you love to do.  Do at least one of them every day. Do more if you want. Each time you do something you love, even if it is only for 15 minutes, it is like putting a piece into your best life jigsaw puzzle.

Keep going with this, you are building your best life.

a sunflower

Choose simple things that can be achieved within a day.  They might be things that only take 15 minutes like meditate, jog around the block or stand with bare feet on the grass. 

Or it could take more time like construct a new garden bed, grow a sunflower, go on a bike ride, take in a movie or catch up with a friend.

women lying in autunm leaves

Ideally have a range of things, from some being quick and easy to achieve, to others that take more time and planning.

 Can't think of Things You Love To Do?

Don't worry.  This just means you are a very long way from living your best life AND you are absolutely in the right place to change that.

Man on mountain top

It is like anything you are not used to.  It can take a while to get the hang of.  The first time I came across this activity, I struggled to identify anything I loved to do. I remember it was quite a shock. I was so far off track, unhappy and depressed that it took a while to remember, things. Eventually I managed to recall one or two. Over time and through contemplating the idea of living a best life, the cogs started to turn and I managed to grow my list. 

For some people who have had an unhappy childhood and suffered from depression as an adult, this activity might be confronting.  Hang in there and if you can't think of anything you love to do, make something up and try it.  Perhaps ask a friend what they love to do and get ideas from them or from a book or movie. Relax and play a little with it all.

Man hula hooping

No matter where you are starting from and how small the step, demand the tide turn now and life start taking you to better things. You deserve it.

Start, even if you only have a few things on your list.  Add to it as they come to mind. Don't stop at 10 if you are on a roll. Keep going.

Each time you do something you love, you place a building block in the construction of your best life.  The more you do on your list, the more your best life takes shape.

Don't underestimate the power of this activity

It is the simple things that change your life and this is one of them.

Get a pen and paper or open the notes section on your device and start.

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